Russian Keys

Translation & Interpreting


Depending on the size and nature of your meeting, Russian Keys Ltd can provide professional Russian-English and English-Russian interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

In addition to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting we can provide
phone interpreting,
whispering (when only one or two delegates require assistance, the interpreter can sit next to them and whisper into Russian/English),
liaison interpreting (a type of consecutive interpreting but, instead of conveying the message of one speaker it involves conversations among many speakers),
sight translation (instead of working from an oral text, it starts with a written one. This type of interpreting is more frequently used in hospitals and courts).


Our Russian-English and English-Russian translation services include, but are not limited to:

Certified translation
Document translation
Website translation
Editing & Review

We have vast experience and are familiar with wide range of vocabulary in various sectors (business, banking, finance, agriculture, medicine, diplomacy, engineering, technology, environment, sports, academic studies etc).


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