Russian Keys


Immersing yourself in Russian is one of the most effective ways to make progress in learning the language. The following are some ideas which should help you.

1. Review the same day: you should try to recall and review a lesson on the same day you had the lesson. This helps to train your mind to retain the new knowledge. Some people find that reviewing a lesson before sleep can be very helpful.

2 Revise whenever you can: if you keep lesson notes with you will enable you to refer to them when you have a spare moment. Some people find it useful to prepare small flash-cards with a Russian word on one side, and the English equivalent on the other.

3 Language is a two-way street: if you learn a word or phrase from Russian to English, make sure that you learn the English to Russian equivalent. Say the words aloud so that they start to become familiar to you.

4 How should I?: when you are speaking in English during the day think about how you would say the same in Russian.

5 Lesson cards: some people find it useful to make up lesson cards with words and phrases which they tuck away in places – such as a desk at work – where they can be referred to.

6 Practice makes perfect: there is no substitute for practice! Practice speaking and writing Russian whenever you can. Make the effort to ask for things and to explain what you want – even if it takes time at first. Do not be afraid of making mistakes – everybody makes mistakes!

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