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Russian For Travellers

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This express course in Russian language and culture is full of helpful tips and phrases for foreign visitors. Russia is a diverse and exciting country which is increasingly a magnet for foreign tourists and travellers, including intrepid travellers wanting to experience Russia’s unique attractions and wide open spaces.

Our Russian Language and Culture Course for Tourists and Travellers is designed for those who are planning to travel as tourists to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other former Soviet republics where Russian is widely spoken.

The course’s 30 units contain Russian language activities and tests, pronunciation practice, detailed grammatical help, reading practice, language learning techniques and cultural information, including video material. Each unit is envisaged as a 1 hour Russian language and culture session online (worldwide) or face-to-face (if in New Zealand), one-to-one or in a small group with a certified Russian tutor. A unit consists of 3 subunits (Grammar, Vocabulary and Speech Practice, Intercultural Communication).

By the end of this course the learner will have acquired the following knowledge:

Grammar. Introduction to the Russian Language. The alphabet. Stress and vowels. Basic reading and writing skills.

Vocabulary and Speech Practice. Basic geographic names. Greetings. Asking simple questions. First dialogues in Russian. Making simple statements. This is. That is. Who is that? Introducing yourself and your family. Express likes/dislikes. Requesting things. Airport and ports - Arrivals-Departures. Passport/Customs control. At the restaurant. Signs. Finding your way around. Asking and understanding directions. At the shop. Asking the time. Personal information. Documents. Russian visa application form. Hotel - checking in-out. Public transport. Excursions. At the shop. Health. Parts of body. Describing health complaints. Understanding advice.

Intercultural Communication. Russia – diversity of the region.The Russian province and Russian village.What do Russians eat and drink. A myth about vodka. Home and Family in the Russian world. Russians on holidays. Travelling around Russia. Tourism in Russia. Hotel etiquette. Tips for foreigners. Moscow City (central map, places of interest, pictures, video Concert on the Red Square or similar). Russian places of interest. Russian folklore and the Russian mentality – national songs, fairy tales, sayings, proverbs. Russian superstitions. Attitude to foreigners in Russia. The Russian sense of humour and attitude to the smile.

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