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Russian Advanced Level

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The Russian Language and Culture Course Advanced Level is designed for those who would like to maintain and enhance their knowledge of Russian language and culture.

The course’s 50 units contain Russian language activities and tests, pronunciation practice, detailed grammatical help, reading practice, language learning techniques, and cultural information, including video material. Each unit is envisaged as a 1 hour Russian language and culture session online or face-to-face (if in New Zealand), one-to-one or in a small group with the certified Russian tutor. A unit consists of 3 subunits (Grammar, Vocabulary and Speech Practice, Intercultural Communication).

By the end of this course the learner will have acquired the following knowledge:

Grammar. Basic principles of Russian Beginner Level and Russian Intermediate Level (for repetition and identification of lacunas). Что-то, что-нибудь. To eat and to give – irregular verbs. Этот, тот. Согласен. Который. Common gender nouns in –а. ли. Друг друга. How often? Double negatives. Себя. Свой. Active and passive voice. Verbs of motion. Оба и обе. Несколько, некоторые, много, многие. The conditional. Conjunctions. Intent. Cause and consequence. Russian punctuation. Fundamentals of Russian word building (Russian morphology).

Vocabulary and Speech Practice. Hidden language barriers including “false friends” (Russian – English). Talk about past and future experiences. Business meeting. Business language. Writing a business letter. Writing a personal letter. Health. Parts of body. Describing health complaints. Understanding advice. Russian phraseology and slang. Speaking Russian on the phone.

Intercultural Communication. Russian literature and main poets/writers. Russian theatre. Russian music and main musicians. Russian ballet. Russian art and main artists. Russian media (main TV channels, newspapers, Internet). Russian sense of humour and attitude towards smile. Russian jokes and toasts. Famous quotes about Russia. Russian attitude towards foreigners. Cultural clashes. Negotiations - working through a Russian interpreter. Non-verbal language in Russia. Sports in Russia. Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

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