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The Russian language is the world’s fifth most popular language, in terms of numbers of speakers. It is the mother-tongue of more than 200 million people and a further 80 million speak it as their second language. Despite the wide geographical area over which Russian is spoken (mainly former Soviet Union), you will encounter very little variation in terms of dialects.

The Russian language is a mirror of Russian culture and history and reflects the world around Russians and inside Russians.

While language has been identified as a barrier to communication between peoples since the time of the Tower of Babel, culture has not been so identified. Yet understanding a foreign culture can be critical to understanding how peoples think and why they act, and react, as they do. The concepts of the Russian mentality (“mentalitet”) and the Russian “soul” are essential for the foreigner. The cultural barrier is unseen until a clash between your own indigenous culture and an alien culture take place. At best these clashes are surprising, usually they are simply off-putting or shocking (culture shock).

As Sir Winston Churchill famously described the country, Russia is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.”

Russia is not only the biggest country in the world, and a storehouse of the energy and raw materials on which modern societies rely. Russia’s natural environment – its forests and water, its Siberian and Arctic expanses – helps to shape the global environment. In human terms, Russia is a bridge between Europe and Asia, not just physically, but politically, in business, socially and culturally. The peoples who live in this vast country have been moulded in unique ways by landscape and by history.

Understanding Russia and the peoples who inhabit this vast country is essential for anybody with serious interest, whether professional or personal, in global developments.

Russian Keys Limited is a privately owned company specialising in Russian language and culture courses (online and face-to-face), professional certified translation and interpretation services (from Russian to English and from English to Russian) and Intercultural workshops (business and public series).

Our leading language and culture experts have designed Russian courses and workshops for various tastes and needs. Please contact us to learn more. Read here what our customers say about us.

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