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  • + Workshop: Linguistics & National Security: A View from Russia
  • + University: Massey University, New Zealand
  • + Department: Centre for University Preparation and English Language Studies
  • + Reference by: Ms Anne-Marie Ngan, Programme Coordinator

Feedback re professional workshop for a group of international students (Chinese military translators/interpreters) at Massey University delivered by Dr Olga Suvorova, Director Russian Keys Ltd, May 2013

Dear Olga, the officers/translators really loved your session and want to have more!.. You covered many important issues for them which they would love to get their teeth into in more depth. It was striking to see how many aspects of your two cultures have strong similarities, particularly a value such as RESPECT, I believe...

Once again sincere thanks for all your hard work and research to bring the powerpoint together to make such a super presentation. Your delivery mode and style were super.

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