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  • + Service: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting
  • + Languages: from Russian to English & from English to Russian
  • + Type of Meetings: Business Negotiations, Presentations
  • + Areas: Legal, Business
  • + Reference by: Mr Scott Barker, Partner

I have known Olga for five years and have worked with her on various occasions during that period and over that time I have observed Olga providing interpretation services in the course of business meetings and presentations to gatherings of Russian speaking and English speaking business people.

From my observations, I can say that Olga is both a fast and effective translator in business meetings. She has proven herself well able to keep up with the demands that providing such services to businessman involve. Whilst not a Russian speaker myself, in most, if not all of the meetings and presentations that I have attended in which she has been translating, there have been other bilingual speakers able to follow what she has been saying in both English and Russian.

Olga is fluent in English (Russian being her native language). I understand that Olga has also undertaken business studies and worked for several large corporations in Russia and abroad and it is clear to me from my discussions with her both of a business and social nature that she has an excellent command and understanding of business as well as an ability to provide interpreting and translating services. Inevitably, the meetings in which I have attended with her have involved legal concepts in discussions and Olga has been able to convey those effectively in both languages, which is important given the significant differences between the Russian and New Zealand legal systems.

Olga brings energy and enthusiasm to her work. I would highly recommend Olga’s services.

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