Russian Keys

Senior Lecturer

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  • + Workshops: New Zealand and Russia: business and cultural links
  • + University: Moscow State University named after Lomonosov
  • + Department: Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies
  • + Learning Environment: Online (via Skype)
  • + Reference by: Dr Andrey Ivanov, Senior Lecturer

I am very pleased to recommend Russian Keys Limited and their Director Dr Olga Suvorova. I have known Olga for fifteen years, since the time of her study in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov from which she graduated with a Red Diploma, of First Class Honours. In the academic year 1999-2000 Dr Suvorova attended my General English course. She is one of the most gifted students I have had in my entire career.

Her principal strengths are impeccable command of spoken and written English, outstanding eloquence in Russian, an ability to instantly engage and motivate her listeners, meticulousness with which she carries out research and ultimate craftsmanship with which she converts her knowledge and research findings into an unforgettably colourful class presentation.

For decades most modern European languages were taught as dead in the Soviet Union because the world of their users did not exist. Given that Russia now is a new and emerging country and all doors and windows are opened and curtains parted, so to speak, foreign universities, organisations and individuals would benefit from having young and active Russian lecturers such as Dr Suvorova teaching up-to-date Russian with a contemporary background reflecting the dynamism of Russian linguistic and cultural development today. Olga as a bright representative of a new generation of young and dynamic Russian teachers, would, I am sure, be able to provide excellent contemporary lectures and workshops for any academic or business audience.

Dr Suvorova is one of the outstanding graduates of our Faculty. She has continued to maintain her professional links with the Faculty. At our request she has presented guest lectures both in person and, from New Zealand, by Skype, on topical matters involving linguistic, cultural and business connections between Russia and the English-speaking world. I know how inspired and interested my students are when attending her lectures. It is always a special event for us and a 2-way communication. Olga uses the latest technologies and the most modern methods of teaching languages at her classes. Our students value the relevance, freshness and immediacy of Dr Suvorova’s perceptions, observations and insights.

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