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Senior Diplomat

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  • + Course: Russian for Diplomats
  • + Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • + Duration: 163 hours
  • + Learning Environment: Face-to-Face
  • + Reference by: HE Mr Hamish Cooper, current NZ Ambassador to Russia

I am pleased to provide a reference for Dr Olga Suvorova, the Director of Russian Keys Limited. Following an assessment of bids from a number of providers, Dr Olga Suvorova was asked by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to devise and provide customised courses of instruction in Russian language and culture to a number of New Zealand diplomats assigned to the New Zealand Embassy in Moscow, of which I was one.

Would you recommend Olga as a Russian tutor and Russian Keys Limited?

Dr Suvorova is very well qualified academically in the fields of cultural anthropology, linguistics, teaching and translation/interpreting. She has also had extensive private sector experience in Russia, New Zealand and other countries (in corporations, financial institutions and as a business consultant), and has a well-informed understanding of international relations.

  •  Dr Suvorova is an outstanding teacher, who focusses on motivating students to achieve the best possible results.
  •  She pays particular attention to customising course content, and teaching methods, to suit the individual requirements of her students.
  •  Her courses of instruction are particularly effective as they reflect the cultural and real-life working context in which Russian language is to be used.
  •  She is also an extremely accomplished translator and interpreter.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Suvorova and Russian Keys Limited for provision of services related to the areas of professional expertise.

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